Dreams of immersive travel, both near and far with G Adventures

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    G Adventures small-group tours connect travellers to the world’s greatest destinations in a way they simply couldn’t achieve on their own. Each tour has been designed to deliver must-do highlights, spontaneous situations, personal freedom, safety and peace of mind, and under-the-radar encounters with local people.

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    Dreams of Immersive Travel Adventures, both near and far with G Adventures 

    Photo: G Adventures travellers photographing blue-footed boobies in Galapagos. 

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    Q: Introduce yourself and your role.

    Hi I'm Gary Armstrong, a G Adventures Global Purpose Specialist, or GPS for short. My role at G Adventures is to help our travel agency partners find more passion, purpose and happiness in their roles. I am here to support your local travel agent so they can help show you how simply by going on vacation you can make the world just a little more perfect.

    Q: Tell us a bit about G Adventures and the products and services you offers.

    At G adventures we believe travel can be a force for good. That simply by going on vacation, and visiting a destination you have always dreamed of exploring, you can help to improve the lives of people there. Travel is an opportunity for cultural exchange that enriches everyone, it is not a commodity. "Community Tourism" can in fact change everyone's lives for the better.  G Adventures offers small group culturally immersive experiences to over 100 countries around the world on all seven continents. We have ten different styles of travel to appeal to travellers of all different age ranges and accommodation preferences. From upgraded experiences in partnership with National Geographic, to budget "assisted backpacking" trips for 18-thirty-somethings and everything in between. The world is still there for you to explore, you just have to pick how you want to see it.

    Photo: 2 young children playing on a barge in the river

    Q: In which countries does G Adventures offer tours to? What are some of the key hot spots? 

    It's a long list! G Adventures is a Canadian company but we are also the world's largest supplier of small group travel globally, with trips to:

    • Central and South America
    • Asia
    • Australasia
    • Europe
    • Africa and the Middle East.

    Our top destinations include:

    • Cuba
    • Costa Rica
    • Belize and the Galapagos
    • Vietnam
    • Cambodia and Thailand
    • Morocco
    • Jordan
    • South Africa
    • Kenya and Tanzania

    to name but a few.

    Q: What types of tours does G Adventures offer, and which types of travellers do you cater to?

    We offer small group adventures, the majority of which have a maximum of sixteen passengers on a given departure. (Although the average tends to be between ten and twelve travellers on each trip). We offer both land based and small ship Marine tours all over the world for travellers from 8 to 88 years old. We cater to travellers who are looking for truly culturally immersive experiences, people who want to know what it is like to live in a destination for the local people, to learn of their culture and way of life and experience all the diversity the world has to offer.

    Photo: Travellers walking the rails in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Q: How is G Adventures making an impact in local communities?

    Through our non profit partner Planeterra, and our "G for Good" programs we turn travel into impact. G Adventure is proactive in ensuring local communities and at risk or marginalized populations benefit from travel and tourism. We have created and promoted responsible travel policies for the industry in regards to interacting with Wildlife, indigenous communities and children. We understand that the travel industry has the potential to be the greatest mechanism for wealth distribution the world has seen. Travel changes people, and people change the world.

    Q: If you had to recommend just one tour to travellers who truly want to make a positive impact on the destination they’re visiting, which tour would you recommend and why?

    All our tours give travellers the opportunity to positively impact the destination they are visiting. If I had to make one recommendation where this is particularly visible it would be Vietnam. Not only have our Planeterra and "G for Good" projects lead to tangible and perceivable benefits for the people of Vietnam, the destination has a wealth of cultural diversity that can lead to similar positive tangible impacts on the traveller. 

    Q: What makes G Adventures unique?

    Our people. Most of all our local guides, ambassadors for their countries and regions. They show our travellers their homes and homelands and help you explore and learn about the people and culture in the place you have dreamed of seeing.

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