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    Travelling to Iceland & France with Collette

    Photo: Man enjoying a spectacular vista at Godafoss waterfall, Iceland

    Please join us online for a Free Travel Event hosted by Greg Hall, Tour Director from Collette as he presents on Iceland and France tours. 
    DATE: September 9, 2020
    TIME: 20:00 EDT 

    Q: Introduce yourself and your role.

    I am Greg Hall and I have 19+ years of guiding experience. 16+ of those years spent as a full time Collette Tour Manager. 

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    Q: Tell us a bit about Collette and the products and services Collette offers.

    Collette’s worldwide travel collection features over 160 guided tours, including small group tours, single-hotel spotlights, and more across all seven continents. With:

    • 102 years of experience
    • included flexibility
    • free time
    • and a cancel for any reason waiver

    Collette puts your mind at ease and let's you enjoy every moment of the travel experience.

    Q: In which countries does Collette tour? What are some key hotspots? 

    Collette offers 170 tours to all seven continents across the world. Some popular destinations include Italy, Iceland & Ireland. No matter where you find yourself in your travel planning process, Collette's guided tours can take you to all seven continents on life-changing adventures. All you need to do now is explore your options.

    Photo: Looking up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France from the base.

    Q: What types of tours does Collette offer and which types of travellers does Collette cater to?

    Everyone is a little bit different and at Collette, we like to make sure that travellers can choose the Travel Style that’s right for them.

    Collette offers 5 travel styles:

    • Classic (all the epic sites): Our flagship collection of tours takes travellers around the world. True to our belief in the transformative power of journeys both personal and shared, Classic touring represents a refined take on the art of guided travel. From Ireland to Italy and beyond, embrace your dreams. We seamlessly handle the details – you experience the world.
    • Explorations (small group touring): Explorations are small group tours designed for travellers who are looking to travel in smaller groups (18 guests on average), enjoy lots of off the beaten path adventures, authentic culinary experiences, specialty tastings and chef-led demonstrations as well as more contact with the locals.
    • Spotlights (city stays + quick getaways): Spotlights are for travellers who enjoy single hotel stays and quick getaways. These tours offer travellers plenty of freedom to get out on their own, combined with the benefits of guided travel. During a relaxed, single hotel stay, immerse yourself in the fanfare of a grand city or unwind in the timeless countryside. Become a part of the local community—even if it’s just for a short while.
    • River cruise (exploring the waterways of the world): Climb aboard for a slower, more intimate way to explore the world. These adventures, on small 4-star vessels, are a scenic and relaxing way to travel through the world’s beautiful waterways. Plus, many other tours now have on-ship stays, whether it’s exploring Nordic fjords or taking a privately chartered yacht to the Galapagos.
    • Faith (journeys that inspire): Collette’s collection of religious tours was designed with our faith-based travellers in mind. These inspiring travel experiences capture the reflective and humble surroundings of the world-famous spiritual places they visit.

    Q: How is Collette making an impact in local communities?

    Social responsibility: it's a way of life. It’s at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. We believe that travel should be a force for good and by uniting with our employees, partners and travellers, we can make a positive impact in our local and global communities. Social Responsibility at Collette means working together to take care of the places we live, work and travel. We focus on four key areas – Community, People, Travel and Planet – taking a holistic approach by striving to do good in every area of our business. 

    • Community: Our nonprofit, the Collette Foundation, supports worldwide communities in need through hunger and education initiatives. Each year, employees volunteer more than 4,500 hours of their time to efforts in their own communities and across the world.
    • Travel: We strive to create an experience our guests not only enjoy, but also feel good about. We work to sustain and preserve communities, cultures, and traditions through tourism, and positively impact the places we come to know as travellers. 
    • People: We couldn’t deliver the amazing travel experiences that we do without our incredible team. We offer our employees a variety of tools to be happy, healthy, and successful including learning and growth opportunities.
    • Planet: Our world is filled with awe-inspiring natural wonders. That’s why we are actively making responsible decisions to reduce our carbon footprint and care for our planet, the place we all call home.

    Photo: Looking across to Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland

    Q: If you had to recommend just one tour to travellers who truly want to make a positive impact on the destination they’re visiting, which tour would you recommend and why?

    Travel should make a positive impact. We work hard to create programs that meet our social responsibility standards, and continue to push ourselves in this area. Impact Moments offer an extraordinary travel experience for guests while allowing them to feel an increased sense of purpose and connectedness. We partner with social enterprises, nonprofits and cultural or environmental conservation groups to ensure that our visit generates sustainable economic and social benefits for the community.

    Here are a few examples:

    • On our Mysteries of India tour, we make lunch more meaningful with a visit to Sheroes Hangout, a café that’s run entirely by women who are survivors of heinous acid attacks.
    • On the Switzerland: Hidden Trails & Majestic Peaks tour, we travel entirely by train via The Swiss Rail Service. Train travel is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Q: What makes Collette unique?

    Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your guided travel experience to another level. Our inclusive tours provide you more value for your money and more of what makes travel special. Collette gives you more in every way…

    • More Peace of Mind: Every moment of your travel experience is important to us. Whether it's helping you select a destination, taking you to and from the airport, offering the security of our unrivalled Travel Protection plan or 24-7 support, we are there for you every step of the way
    • More Flexibility: Personalize Your Adventure. Every traveller is different, so we have created many ways for you to personalize your tour to make your trip your very own. It's where inclusiveness meets choice and we're pretty excited about it.
    • More Expertise: Backed by nearly a century of experience, Collette (a family-owned and award winning leader in travel) is proud to show you the world. Our passionate tour design team travels the globe, creating new experiences and staying ahead of the latest travel trends. Plus, with a professional Tour Manager at your service and local guides by your side you'll never miss a thing.
    • More on Tour: We are committed to exceeding expectations, and we begin by including more iconic must-sees and cultural inclusions to deliver a deeper experience. We also include more meals in local restaurants and more menu choices. Add in carefully selected accommodations and the stage is set for a truly amazing journey.
    • More Caring: Through local community volunteering and support, we make an impact in the places where we work; and with our support of legacy programs in countries like Kenya, Australia, Fiji, Cambodia and Peru, we make a difference in the places where we travel. Our only goal is to give children everywhere – regardless of circumstance – the opportunity to accomplish their dreams.
    • More Sharing: The best travel moments are those that are shared. Every day around the globe our guests are posting about their own incredible travel experience. Find out what they are saying, and when you go, become a part of the worldwide conversation.

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